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Bi-Fold Doors


By choosing our sliding and slide-folding doors, you will be able to open your home to the outdoors, bringing a bright, open and spacious atmosphere.

Our range has been developed to provide a choice of high quality solutions. Whether you want to open up space using our Visofold multi-panelled slide-folding doors which concertina back to one or both sides of the frame, or introduce a Visoglide sliding door (comprising two or more large panes which slide open to leave the panels behind each other), we have the perfect solution.

With high-security glazing and locking mechanism (including security deadlock and hook bolts), and an unrivalled colour range to choose from (including dual-colour options), each door can be tailored to meet your own precise requirements.

Each of our doors comes with all the assurances you would expect from the UK’s leading supplier of aluminium systems. Their elegant aluminium profiles are designed to provide both strength and durability, ensuring a structurally sound solution that requires minimal maintenance and delivers outstanding performance over a lifetime of use.


Most window and doors will be certified to PAS24. This means the manufacture has been monitored by an accredited certification body. It’s worth noting though that this is a minimum standard – it doesn’t include higher or lower grades for security.

Thermal Performance

This depends on a number of factors, including your system and glazing choice, the direction the door faces and the prevailing weather conditions. When comparing systems, U-values will give you a good guide. These are a standard measure of how good a material is as an insulator – the lower its U-value, the better insulator it is.


As part of the building ‘envelope’, windows and doors contribute to its overall weather performance, including its water and wind resistance and air-tightness. Manufacturers test their window and door systems to make sure they meet the required performance standards.

Why choose a Sliding Door?

Why choose a Slide-folding Door?

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